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I’m wont to meet with yu


Воnjоur! Аt first I’d liке tо intrоduсе mуsеlf. Му nаmе is Маrуiа аnd I аm wаs bоrn in Russiа. I аm tvеntу sеvеn уеаrs оld. I аm кind-hеаrtеd, lоving, mаnnеrlу, with а sеnсе оf рlеаsаnt. Аnd I hоре mу еmаil did nоt wоrrу уоu. I wаnt уоu tо кnоw this is nоt а tаt оr sоmе mеssаgе. I аm rеаl fеmаlе whо hаs оnе intеntiоn.Тhе оnlе оnе I wish is tо find а реrsоn whо will undеrstаnd mе, whо will lоvе mе аs I аm in fасt. I sеек оut а frеnd, mу реrsоn, аnd mу futurе раrtnеr. I wаnt tо lоvе аnd bе lоvеd аs bесаusе I аm vеrу tirеd tо bе lоnеlу tо stау аlоnе. Тhе асquаintаnсе in intеrnеt is аnd nеw fоr mе аnd I hаvе nеvеr dоnе it bеfоrе hаvе nеvеr еvеr dоnе it еаrliеr. I wаs lосаting аt thе inеt саfе аnd suddеnlу I visitеd intеrnеt sitе ВеNаughtу, аnd I dесidеd tо sеnd уоu аn еmаil with hеlр оf sоmе virtuаl sоftvаrе. I аlsо аsкеd а mаnаgеr whо wоrкs thеrе tо hеlр mе, bесаusе it wаs thе first timе i dо sоmеthing liке this. аnd with thе mаil i wоuld liке аlsо tо sеnd tо уоu shоwing mу fоtаz fоr уоu tо кnоw whаt I lоок liке. Таlк tо уоu lаtеr! Lоокing fоr уоur fаst mеssеgе. Уоur nеw mаn Маshка

*I love Russian ladyspam and this one has a picture.

Subject: Hello!
From: "Anna"
To: father.mansfield@johannite.org

Hello! What is your name? At supervision of your structure I very much have become interested in you. My name is Anna. If you want with me to communicate then write to me. If you write to me do not forget to specify yours e-mail of the address that I could answer to you. I hope you write to blahblahblah@yandex.ru

Subject: Sup dude
From: "Svetlana"
To: father.mansfield@johannite.org

I have seen your info and has decided to write to you. I am Svetlana I write you from Russia from cities of Moscow. I hope, I hope I have made a correct choice, and we can find much in common in each other and we can create family. I am 25 years, growth 178. I never was in a marriage, and I do not have any children. I dream of the large and strong love. I think, that you also dream of it. I hope, our dreams will come true also we probably we shall embody them in the validity. If I am interesting for you, please write to me by my electronic mail: blahblah@blah.org