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Saints and Holy Martyrs of the Knights Templar

This Sunday, we will commemorate the destruction of the public form of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ as the Martyrdom of the Knights Templar (Oct 13) and take time to acknowledge the saints of our church, in recognition of All Saint's Day (Nov 1).

At first glance, it might be difficult to see what the notoriety that lives on in witness of the chivalrous and virile Knights Templar has in common with the commemoration that we ascribe to those that lead the way in gnosis, the saints of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

But it may be no accident that the intent for the readings this week, the week in we will recognise both in liturgy, have at their heart 'Perseverance', as a focal point.

On Templar Sunday, we recite the full litany – the name of every grandmaster of the order – as well as the Insititutional Narrative, the grand story of the lineage which we inherit from the Johannite Church of Primitive Christians found in the 19th Century, as a part of the French Gnostic Restoration. We light memorial candles to recall the perseverance with which they followed their witness, to the truth of gnosis.

We recognise the saints of the Apostolic Johannite Church similarly, each less likely to be commemorated for tales of conversion, intercession or posthumous miracle, than in honour of their perseverance, in accounting for their observance of the deeper wisdom, of gnosis.

Please join us for this haunting, solemn service which illustrates a core aspect of our spiritual lineage.

If you are planning to come along on Sunday, and would like to bring any saints relics or icons that you might have to the service, this is the perfect opportunity to have them blessed by Fr Tim+.

Service – 6:30pm
The service this Sunday will be the "Johannite Gnostic Divine Liturgy". The service alternates engagement and stillness, provoking a meditative attitude and the cultivation of deeper perceptions. The service features prayer and chant and the sharing of the Body and the Blood in the form of bread and wine.

We follow the service with some conversation, hot drinks and snacks. Please stay and and share some time and company.

Just a reminder too that Fr Tim+ will be presenting a one-day workshop, 'Introducing Integral Christianity', next Sunday, October 31, 2010.

Please register here to come along and be a part of a delightful day of exploration into the individual stages and collective shape of the Christian tradition:

If you'd like to attend, but can't register straight away, please drop us an email at to record your interest, and we will be in touch.


Integral Christianity (part 1 of 3)

Integral Christianity

Part 1 – Stages of Christian Faith

Father Tim is teaching a 3-part workshop which gives participants an experience of the broad embrace of Christianity.
Drawing on the work of Ken Wilber, James Fowler and Chris Dierkes, these workshops explore various dimensions of the Christian tradition using interactive exercises and group discussion.
Participants will have ample opportunity to share their own experience if they wish.
This first workshop will be a collaborative dive into our past as our faith developed and a foreshadowing of our future.
The second (late Nov) will draw out an experience of different meditative states.
The third (late Jan) will investigate Shadow, sin and the dark places on the spiritual path.
The series of three build on each other.

Location: Camperdown, NSW 2050
Time & Date: Sunday, October 31, 2010
Cost: $75 (before Oct 24) $90 (after Oct 24)

Booking is essential – More details here.

We've tried to keep the cost low, the fee covers the venue and food for the day. If you'd like to come along, but cost is an issue, get in touch and we'll work something out.

Please join us!

Centering Prayer, Eucharist this week

Theme: Spiritual Progress

Sunday, 26 September

Gnostic Christians have often been labelled “elitist”
for observing that spirituality develops as we practice. Long term
practitioners develop in their sense of intimacy with the Divine, their
sense of freedom from ego increases, their emotional reactivity drops.
Really, it would be surprising if spirituality did not develop, since
every other skill we practice tends to.

None of this makes the advanced practitioner any better
or more valuable as a human being in the eyes of God, but many people
report a deeper, richer embrace of  humanity that arises as
practice unfolds over years.

This week, the theme in the liturgical calendar is
“spiritual progress” and we’re approaching it a few ways. At the Contemplative
Prayer Meetup
on Sunday, we will be discussing some models of
spiritual progress and doing some Centering Prayer practice together.
At the Eucharist service, we’ll have readings and a
homily about the theme. Afterwards, we’ll have tea, snacks and an open

Come as you are, stay as long as you like. I’d love to
see you.

Father Tim+

Magdalene Sunday

Miryam holding an egg.

Magdalene Sunday

This Sunday is the feast day of Miryam of Magdala,
better know to most of us as Mary Magdalene, the beloved of Christ. We
honour this wise, loving woman and foundational teacher of our
tradition with a Eucharist is in the Sophianic style. Please come and
join us and stay for a light supper afterwards. All welcome!

Date: Sunday 25 July
Time: 6pm
Venue: Unitarian Centre, 15 Francis St, Darlinghurst

RSVP if you’re planning to come and let us know if you’re bringing guests.

Contemplative Prayer

The Contemplative Prayer Meetup meets every two
weeks. This is a venue to learn new practices, find support for what
you’re already doing and meet other contemplative pracitioners. If
you’re interested in Centering Prayer, chant, Lectio Divina or the
Jesus Prayer. Come join in!

Next meeting: Sun 25 July, 3pm
Unitarian Centre

Ascension Sunday

This Sunday 16 May is the Sunday after Ascension. Ascension is the moment in the Gospel story where Jesus, having died, risen and kept on teaching his core disciples for several weeks, finally leaves them ascends to heaven.

It’s a dramatic point in the story and concludes some very stark and vivid teaching (the Gospel of John, in particular, spends a lot of time on this period).

In the mystical tradition, Ascension represents the non-dual reality of the Divine. Beyond the well-trod path of epiphany, purification, illumination, union with the Divine (in which there is still a Self and a Divine Other), stands a further stage in which the Self is surrendered.

Bernadette Roberts, a Catholic non-dual mystic, talks about this phase as losing the sense that there is even an inside and an outside. She says that at the Ascension, far from simply disappearing, Christ “disappears” into all living reality in a union of the formless with form.

In the Acts, the disciples continue to look to the sky seeking after Jesus until an angel tells them to stop searching for Him “up there”.

In the Eucharist we celebrate this deepest of mysteries: that the Divine is never absent, that She is as close as our very breath, as intimate as the dearest lover. We cultivate this understanding through the sacrament until, in our own journey of discovery we are able to realise it in ourselves.

Come and join us for a chapel service this Sunday to dwell in the mystery and to give thanks.

Readings for the week

I’m away from next Friday for a couple of weeks at the AJC global conclave in Wisconsin, so there won’t be a service while I’m away. That’s the reason for the change in service date.

I’d love a chance to see you before I go and ask for your blessing on my journey.

Fr. Tim+

Eucharist Service – 6pm, Sun 16 May
15 Francis St, Darlinghurst

The service this Sunday will be a “Sophianic Eucharist”. The service praises Sophia or Holy Wisdom as the immanent, feminine face of the Divine and celebrates the sacred marriage between the immanent and transcendent aspects of Spirit. The service features prayer and chant and the sharing of the Body and the Blood in the form of bread and wine.

Please stay for a light supper after the service.

Future of Christianity II reminder

A quick reminder from Ben Burke, who has been organising the “Future of Christianity” series:

Just a reminder of our get together tomorrow (2nd May) for Part 2 of the Future of Christianity Documentary and talk.

We’ll be meeting at 3:00pm for a 3:30pm start.

This event takes place at the Unitarian Church, 15 Francis Street Darlinghurst.

After the documentary, John O’Neil will be giving a talk based on the following:

The talk that I’m preparing for May 2 is about Raimon Panikkar, a very interesting Catholic philosopher and scholar, aged 92, living in Spain, with Spanish Catholic and Indiann Hindu heritage, who brings together in his life and work ” the marriage of East and West” . He’s written over 40 books and hundreds of articles. I’m starting to make a study of his work and the similarities between his thought and Wilber’s. Ken mentions in Integral Spirituality Page 199 that “the work of Raiomon Panikkar is provocative in many profound ways” I’ll be focusing on his book Christophany which came out in 2004. He said it
sums up 50 years of work Ken sent Rollie Stanich over to dialogue with Panikkar soon after both books came out. My talk will be very much a work in progress with lots of quotes from Panikkar’s book which resonate with Wilber’s philosophy. Hopefully it will be of some interest.

Tim will be performing a Eucharist afterwards in the chapel, around 6pm. Come along for both events if you can!

The Future of Christianity

The next two Sunday afternoons, with Ben Burke from Sydney Integral I’m co-sponsoring a movie and discussion. The movie is a discussion between Father Thomas Keating, a Trappist monk and one of the leaders of the Centering Prayer movement and Ken Wilber, the central intellectual figure in the Integral movement and author of books like “No Boundary” and “Integral Spirituality”.

The topic is the future of Christianity and it covers some broad territory around different stages of spiritual maturity, the centrality of the contemplative traditions and prospects for the development of our tradition. These concerns are central to my own spiritual journey and I’m excited to have an opportunity to discuss them.

The film titles are:
The Future of Christianity” with Father Thomas Keating and Ken Wilber
and next week:
Divine Therapy” – with Father Thomas Keating, then a talk with Ken and Father Thomas on Spirituality and Religion.

The plan is to gather at the Unitarian Church at 3pm – watch the movie, have some time for discussion and then we’ll celebrate our monthly chapel Eucharist service.

Come and join in on what promises to be an enlivening discussion!

Readings for the week

Movie – 3pm
The Future of Christianity” with Father Thomas Keating and Ken Wilber

Discussion – 5pm
Open discussion about the themes of the movie and people’s own views about the evolution of Christian spirituality.


Service – 6:30pm
The service this Sunday will be a “Sophianic Eucharist”. The service praises Sophia or Holy Wisdom as the immanent, feminine face of the Divine and celebrates the sacred marriage between the immanent and transcendent aspects of Spirit. The service features prayer and chant and the sharing of the Body and the Blood in the form of bread and wine. 

Sophia Café – 7:30pm
Sophia Café follows the service – stay around for tea, snacks and conversation.


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The congregation at St Uriel’s meets on the fourth Sunday of the month at 6pm at:
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Rector: Father Tim Mansfield
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