Ernst and Young drops degree classification threshold for graduate recruitment

‘No evidence’ that success at university is linked to achievement in professional assessments, accountancy firm says

Paul Higgins: I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Vet Science and some employers actively discriminated against the top graduates, judging them as too academic

Full Story: Times Higher Ed

This is a reaction I have expected for some years. To me the academic perspective and the practitioner’s ways of thinking and acting is clearly moving away from each other and this has just been noted by a very small group within academia. Most of the people in the academic community still thinks that society in general is becoming more academic. Thinking and reasoning is due to an increasing social, emotional and pragmatic logic actually moving away from the academic rationality. E g truthiness have in many places replaced the search for what is true…

There are several reasons for this but one the important one is that most of traditional large academic disciplines have reached the top of the knowledge development s-curve which makes them turn inwards and move towards higher abstraction, finer nuances and academic infighting rather than creating value to the outside world which they did earlier phases.

And this is happening in a time when the general public as well as politicians and industry leaders see a world that have huge challenges and really want some clear answers. Answers to questions like

– what is really happening to the global economy?
– what is digitalization really doing to our society?

That employers move away from the academic credentials when it comes to hiring is just a natural consequence.

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