So what the heck, let us speculate: what will the emergent effects of the existence of dannies be? How much “space” will be available to the consciousness(es)? And by “space” we really mean “bandwidth.” What is the bandwidth of consciousness? And how do you define–and secure–telepathic protocols?

In humans, consciousness falters and fades away if the round-trip signal lag between neurons exceeds 400 milliseconds. For reference, light can travel all the way around the planet in 133 milliseconds, and Google considers a server “slow” if its response time exceeds 200 milliseconds. Even on today’s Internet, 400 ms is not a particularly high bar. Just saying.

Jon Evans speculates on interconnected recipients of Direct Neural Interfaces (DNIs, hence “dannies”) in “Here Come The Dannies” http://techcrunch.com/2015/06/20/here-come-the-dannies/?ncid=rss

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