The Thinking Center in its right functioning brings openness and the quality of “allowing.” Basically, the mind becomes quiet and allows whatever impressions are occurring to take place. When the mind becomes quiet, we do not to try to fend off the impressions of the moment by filling up our awareness with inner chatter or imaginary pictures. Whatever is here is here, and we feel secure and supported within that context.

The Feeling Center “tastes” experience, enabling us to be fully engaged with the experience. It is in the heart Center that the quality of the moment is experienced. We connect with our experiences through whatever degree of openness and sensitivity we are able to allow in our hearts. If our heart is not included, we are not touched by the quality of the experiences that we are having. The Feeling Center is also the part of us that loves the truth. By including the heart, we love the truth of whatever is happening and will not be satisfied with less.

The function of the Instinctive Center is to ground presence. Without Presence, we might allow our impressions with an open mind and experience them deeply through our hearts, but we will become identified with them. We will become lost in them. By remaining grounded in our bodies, we are conscious of the fact that there is a being who is having the experience. Then we are fully here, occupying the moment and feeling our aliveness; we welcome our experience and fully participate in it. At the same time our minds are open, spacious, and receptive to the perceptions that are taking place, inner or outer.

“Understanding the Enneagram” by Riso & Hudson

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