My ancestors came to the US from Germany and Ireland. They arrived after the American Civil War had ended and slavery was abolished. They moved to the north (I grew up in Ohio), where there was no official legal segregation as in the South. Though even to this day there is plenty of unofficial though quite real segregation.

My ancestors were Roman Catholics and experienced their share of prejudice. People forget how strong anti-Catholic bigotry was in the US up until JKF (1960s). Nevertheless, over the course of the 20th century my family was able to be accepted as part of the white (formerly Protestant) majority in America. So while I could try to claim that “my ancestors didn’t own slaves” (and honestly they didn’t), it doesn’t matter. Because energetically and ancestrally I was enfolded into that tradition. It showed up in my being as a result.

In other words, with that integration of my family into the mainstream came the inclusion of the particular pains and illnesses of the white American soul.

Political Shamanism and the Subtle Energetics of Racism – Chris Dierkes at Reality Sandwich

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