funny creatures


words are funny creatures.

strange thought noises, composed of
symbols and traces of tongue movements,
and memories of ideas,
colours and people
words conjure these phantasms, then
they are “written” into being,
or “spoken” into being, perhaps even
“typed” into being

they trigger Feeling, maybe
travel from one body to another
shaking many all up at once,
perhaps a room full of laughter or tears,
words: they jump from mind to mind to mind,
eternal migrants, they travel through porous borders,
penetrating ears and hearts and guts,
even cocks and cunts are moistened by words,
words lift brows and make smiles or they
tyrannise one’s sleep, or they may
make someone feel complete; yes

words are funny creatures, they
leave traces of their excreted contents behind,
which meld, mold, shift, shape
creating all new sorts of visions

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