I’m thinking of calling him Trevor Famousguy. This is a morph of a selection of pretty, famous men, heavily biased by what was easily available on, by my personal taste in men and by who shows up at the start of the alphabet.

50 Cent
Adam Levine
Alex Pettyfer
Alexander Skarsgard
Andy Lau
Ashton Kutcher
Bow Wow
Brad Pitt
Chris Pine
Christian Bale
Colin Farrell
Cristiano Ronaldo
Daniel Dae Kim
Daniel Henney
David Beckham
Dean Cain
Denzel Washington
Eddie Murphy
Eric Bana
Ethan Hawke
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jason Momoa
Jimi Hendrix
Johnny Depp
Josh Hartnett
Jude Law
Kanye West
Kwon Sang Woo
Naveen Andrews
Nick Jonas
Orlando Bloom
Paul Walker
Paul Wesley
Taye Diggs
Tom Cruise
Tupac Shakur
Will Smith

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