“Really?” you might have asked, reading that quote I posted earlier. “Sand castles?”

So, I checked.

Working very quickly from sketchy data, as far as I can tell only one citizen of the USA has ever died in the USA from an Ebola infection. Others may have died elsewhere, I don’t know.

Every year, 30 residents of the USA die from furniture toppling onto them.

This article in the Guardian claims that since 1990, 16 people have been killed in the USA are killed by holes dug in the sand. Not sand castles, actually, though that sounds better.

Hence the above chart – American Deaths Since 1990 From Three Causes

Pizza boxes may have killed someone somewhere (Hell, people have been killed by carrot juice, cats, The Goodies and selfies. True story.) but the story The Futurist links to actually points out the health risks of American pizza boxes, not actually a death threat. Hence, no pizza boxes on the graph.

† In fact, simple removal of any accompanying firearms dramatically improves the safety of selfies.

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