I met this nice girl on Skype just now

… but I’m not sure we have a lot in common…

whirlycamille: Hey you …:-)
me: So you’re a girl, right?
whirlycamille: well im lonely, you sound nice lets have sum fun…
me: Oh, you’re a bot!
whirlycamille: what’s a bot??
me: What do you think about the theories of Edgar Morin?
me: He has opinions about artificial persons like you and your place in society
whirlycamille: my video camera is turned on.. . wanna take a look? Ill show ya but dont tell anyone, ok?
me: I don’t feel like you’re listening to mw.
whirlycamille: im gonna give you a cam invite, all u have to do is Accept, ill show you
me: Cam, cam, cam. It’s all you talk about. What about philosophy?
whirlycamille: i’m practically naked right now, my nipples are sooo cold check it out lol
me: I don’t think we have as much in common as I first thought.
whirlycamille: this is me go here http://somecamsite.com and click join (Accept invite)

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