Autocritique (Morin, 2004a) marks an important turning point for Morin. While we normally assume that we have ideas, it became clear to Morin that ideas can also have us—literally possess us. Human be-ings can literally be possessed by ideologies and belief systems, whether on the Left or the Right, whether in science or religion. Henceforth, Morin’s effort would be to develop a form of thinking—and of being in the world—that is always self-reflective and self-critical, always open and creative, always eager to challenge the fundamental assumptions underlying a system of thought, and always alert for the ways in which, covertly or overtly, we create inviolate centers that cannot be questioned or challenged. Knowledge always requires the knowledge of knowledge, the ongoing investigation and interrogation of how we construct knowledge. Indeed, Knowledge of Knowledge is the title of the third volume of Morin’s Method (Morin, 1986).

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