In the fantasy survey, they listed multiple types of fantasy. Such as high fantasy, urban fantasy, and gaslight fantasy. Would you please explain the difference? P.S. I love your blog, it’s a very interesting!







Quick N Dirty:

High Fantasy: totally made-up world, Farmboy becomes Chosen One and has fabulous destiny.

Urban Fantasy: there are elves in your computer and Odin’s behind you in line at Starbucks. WAT DO

Gaslight/Gaslamp Fantasy: Steampunks R Magic and also Sherlock Holmes is a Level 12 Paladin. Stop Jack the Ripper; +60k EXP.

also Sword and Sorcery: ACTION. SPELLS. SWORDS. we don’t know why buT ACTION. Basically slipstream, but with more dragons and fewer asteroids.

Steampunk: Well, balder and slapdash my gear-shaped monocle, are those DIRIGIBLES!?!!!?!

Cyberpunk: I downloaded your brain and now I’m my computer! Or…you’re my computer. I hacked into your mainframe and now computer is me? BODY PIERCINGS!!

Dystopian Fantasy: We had to eat our children because the Government.

Dark Fantasy: “I’ll Detective your Vampire Werewolf! ” “Oh yeah??? Not as Werewolf as I’ll Ghost your Banshee Hunter!”

Sci Fi Fantasy: My robot arm is actually golem magics

Low Fantasy: The True Diaries of Wilson the Volleyball

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