My Glorious 7-Point Plan For Fitness In 2014

  1. subscribe to every fitness-related blog, tumblr, Yahoo group and Facebook page I can find.
  2. buy and download every fitness-related app I can find on my phone.
  3. buy at least one fitness equipment item (kettlebell, gorilla grips, resistance bands) per month, prioritise the ones that make me feel bad-ass.
  4. get very involved on the forums and the /r/fitness on Reddit and make sure I voice a lot of opinions that sound informed.
  5. post lots of inspirational fitness pics on my tumblr and facebook and like it when anyone else does too.
  6. get on Fitocracy and make sure I track it whenever I stand up or scratch my ass (hey, it’s activity, right?)
  7. get a FitBit and use it to track my extensive walking between the office and the bathroom (and track that on Fitocracy too).

I don’t see how this can possibly go wrong. I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the bases.

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