What is up with me this week…

Sorry about the flurry of article links. Things have been very pacey the last few weeks and I’ve had very little time to read, except when I’m on a plane – which is I was this morning. It’s going to be an interesting 8 days, so I thought I might lay some of it out.

This evening, I’m giving a talk at Brisbane Independent School which will be a lightning fast introduction to Wilber’s integral framework, but more specifically and introduction to Terri O’Fallon’s StAGES theory of self-system development (about which you can discover more here). I had the terrific privilege of steeping myself in Terri’s ideas over the GTC program a couple of years ago and it still strikes me as about the most elegant, poetic, rhythmic weaving of perspectives I’ve ever encountered.

Tomorrow, I share the Eucharist with my fellow Johannites in West End, which is always a really special thing. Every Eucharist is delightful in its own way and every one of the communities in our diocese has its own character – somehow a Eucharist with the folks in Brisbane always has this tremendously clear, focused sweetness to it.

Sunday, I hop a train to the Gold Coast to facilitate the NORA Leader’s Summit along with my two partners at Action Foresight, José Ramos and Gareth Priday. This should be a really fun couple of days leaning into the space of possibility with some smart, creative people.

Tuesday morning, after the end of the Summit and a couple of hours after my two colleagues have sped to Bendigo via Melbourne, I join them in a madcap dash via plane, train and automobile (though not in that order) to help with the final workshop in our Bendigo – A Thinking Community program – which is seriously cool. For nine months, we’ve been training a group of Bendigonians to use foresight techniques (our tools of trade) to think more effectively about the future and act on it. It’s going to be very interesting to see what our graduates get up to in the next five years or so.

I’m bumming around Melbourne for the rest of the week, so I’m available for long conversations over coffee or beer, if you’re there too.

My last step next Saturday is another Eucharist, this time with our lovely Narthex of the Holy Sophia community in Melbourne, who I always find very warm, welcoming and intellectually lively as well as devoted to the work. Everyone’s welcome along, so if you’re around and you’ve never been to a Johannite service, perhaps you should come.

Finally, I fly home on Saturday evening to collapse into the waiting arms of my beloved and hopefully to a sleep in on Sunday. Wish me luck!

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