This is my new favourite Twitter account. It’s an account that someone set up for a 300 pound bi-pedal robot called ATLAS courtesy the smart people at Boston Dynamics. Looking at it one can only imagine what it will end up being used for but it’s being still promoted as a tool for humanitarian crises and disaster relief scenarios. Either way it’s worth considering that given the cost of storage these days one of these robots could come pre-loaded with all of human knowledge on them which is interesting because I like to imagine them walking the Earth retelling our histories to strangers over camp fires. And if we start to imagine that robots like these are “people" or “people enough" what do they see? Even if we understand that they don’t really see anything when do we care enough about the history of their observations that we forgive them their lack of awareness the same way that a design museum forgives an object that no longer works and collect it anyway?“

[this is aaronland] Quantified Selfies

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