RIP Doug Engelbart

Computing pioneer and star of ‘The Mother Of All Demos’ passes away at the age of 88.

If you are wondering about who this person is, here is the first part of a presentation of computer technology from 1968, using peripherals that we still use today (such as the mouse and keyboard):

A link to a playlist for the entire demonstration can be found here

Vale Doug. One of the great old men of HCI and a great Portlandian passed this week. His now famous demo of a mouse-driven, windowed personal computer with WYSIWYG text editing and a video-conference channel from ‘68 was so far ahead of the field, almost no-one understood they were looking at the future. It was mostly forgotten, then rediscovered in the 80s after the PARC Alto, the Apple Mac and Microsoft windows – like unearthing a sports car in a Neolithic tomb.

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