The resurrection holds three potential realities for those on an intentional spiritual path. First, if so desired, anyone can commune with Jesus as an icon of the Divine in 2nd-person surrender and devotion in a meaningful way that may have some similarities to that which the early Christians experienced after the resurrection. This does not mean we must relate to Jesus as some Christians insist. Jesus, in his own practice, framed the intimate face of the Divine Presence as “Abba,’ using the paternal name he called his own earthly father. Whatever the meaningful deity forms that may come to us in our I-Thou relationship with the Sacred Mystery, they are embraced in integrally-informed spiritual devotion.

Second, we may find reminders of the eternal existence of our Essence, our True Self, in Jesus’ resurrection appearances back then and today in a recognizable “spiritual” body form, revealing both our own universal oneness with God and also our own timeless, recognizable, unique selves.

And third, Jesus’ model and the practices of mystics of all traditions down through the centuries and today offer us spiritual disciplines and psychospiritual technologies where we can test these possibilities for ourselves. The scientific method of experiment, experience, and evidence is available as a laboratory for us to discover the reality of “resurrection” in own experience.

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