Welcome, framing, goals

Hi and welcome to my new blog. My aim here is to clarify and share my motivations for being fit, lean and healthy.

The last few years I’ve realised that the free pass I got as an adolescent to eat whatever the heck I wanted has pretty much run out (probably around 35, I’m now 44). Couple of years ago, I found out that my liver is happy to store fat in little, liver-function-compromising pockets – the upshot of that is that if I let my bodyfat get much above 20% (it was 22% at the time) then my liver function starts to drop and I’m on the road to diabetes and cardio-vascular disease.

When I found this out I went on a very disciplined diet and exercise binge for about six months and got down to 15%. In the two years since, I’ve slacked off and I’m getting back towards where I started.

I realised at the time that this was the beginning of a journey through the rest of my life – one in which I need to accept that I show up as this body and to remember how to be joyful in it. This means I need to change my whole lifestyle so I get more well rather than more sick.

The purpose of this then is to share more of what I’m doing, in the different dimensions of this project of rejoining my body: diet, exercise, lifestyle change, even some of my embodied psychological and spirituality work. I welcome feedback, encouragement, teasing when I slack off, interest if you’re curious, fellow travellers and so on.

My medium term goal is to get some recomposition happening – getting from my current 20.1% bodyfat back to something more like 15%. I’ll write more about the method I’m using in a later post.

if you’re curious, you can check out my progress on the stats page which shows a graph of my current body composition.

Thanks for joining me.

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