Tim Mansfield elected to the Episcopacy

The Apostolic Johannite Church is proud to announce the election of Fr. Tim Mansfield, Ph.D. of Sydney, Australia to the Sacred Episcopacy for the Apostolic Johannite Church in Australia.

Bishop-Elect Mansfield, the first bishop to be consecrated in the Apostolic Johannite Church in a decade, was nominated by the Patriarch with the support of the Apostolic Council. A Bull of Election was prepared and signed by Patriarch of the Apostolic Johannite Church, the Primate of the United States and His Eminence the Catholicos of the Alexandrian Gnostic Church at the AJC’s 2011 Conclave.

The Bishop-Elect will be consecrated at Conclave 2012 in Australia under the name, title and jurisdiction of Mar Timotheos, Bishop of New South Wales.

During his continuing ministry to St. Uriel’s Parish in Sydney as well as working with members in Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, and assisting with members in North America, Bishop-Elect Mansfield has demonstrated the pastoral excellence, spiritual direction and administrative competence befitting of this ancient Order, together with a high degree of integrity and responsibility both personally and organizationally.

(republished from AJC blog)

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