Passion Sunday & April Services

Venerated as Passion Sunday in the Old Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, the fifth Sunday in Lent is set aside in those traditions for the presentation of Mary of Egypt (344 – 421), prostitute and saint.

Born in Alexandria, Mary leaves home very young, and finds a life fulfilled in insatiable passion, exchanging sexual favours and spinning flax, to keep herself. One day, entering the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, she hears a voice that instructs her to cross the river Jordan, and receive peace. Thus she goes to the monastery of St John the Baptist, and is received into the river.

Upon baptism, she renounces her earlier life of great passion, and becomes a wild-woman hermit, entering the vast desert wilderness. Meeting Zosimas of Palestine in the desert, many years later, naked and unkempt, she manifests great clairvoyance as she recounts her life story to him. He returns a year later to the exact spot, at her instruction, to find that she had died, and the power of the story of her baptism, and the transformation that baptism symbolises, is preserved by him through the oral tradition, and is passed down to us, to this very day.

In her memory, and as a call to presence the passion baptism in our own thoughts and practices, in Lent, this Sunday at 15 Francis St Darlinghurst, a blessing of dried fruit will take place after the Divine Liturgy. In honour of the day we celebrate the Eastern Rite Eucharist, compiled by +William Mar Thomas Behun, of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

Please come and join us at this special time of the Christian calendar, in Lent, to sample the influence of the eastern traditions and the eastern forms, present with us in the practices, the myth, and the lifeblood, that forms the Apostolic Johannite Church.

Service – Oriental Rite Eucharist 6:30pm

Modelled on the style of service celebrated in Eastern churches like the Coptic or Syrian Orthodox, Reverend Tim+ Mansfield will lead the congregants in a service that is both ceremonial and contemplative. It features silent prayer and chant and the sharing of the Body and the Blood in the form of bread and wine.

Services – for April 2011
note these services are subject to change. Please check our Facebook page for updates and information:

Sun 17 Apr – Palm Sunday, 6:30pm

Contemplative Eucharist
And parish council afterwards. 

Thu 21 Apr – Maundy Thursday, 7pm
Maundy Thursday
Service with footwashing  (see John 13:1-17) to commemorate the Last Supper.
Contact Tim+ Mansfield for location details.

Fri 22 Apr – Good Friday, 7pm
A chanted service of light and darkness.
Contact Tim+ Mansfield for location details.

Sat 23 Apr – Easter Saturday, 11:30pm
Johannite Eucharist
Midnight Paschal Mass. Lighting of the Paschal candle. Includes chanting of the Exsultet, an ancient, beautiful hymn.

We follow all services and gatherings with some conversation, hot drinks and snacks. Please come along and bask in the hospitality and fellowship so willingly shared, at the Parish of St Uriel the Archangel.



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