Future of Christianity II reminder

A quick reminder from Ben Burke, who has been organising the “Future of Christianity” series:

Just a reminder of our get together tomorrow (2nd May) for Part 2 of the Future of Christianity Documentary and talk.

We’ll be meeting at 3:00pm for a 3:30pm start.

This event takes place at the Unitarian Church, 15 Francis Street Darlinghurst.

After the documentary, John O’Neil will be giving a talk based on the following:

The talk that I’m preparing for May 2 is about Raimon Panikkar, a very interesting Catholic philosopher and scholar, aged 92, living in Spain, with Spanish Catholic and Indiann Hindu heritage, who brings together in his life and work ” the marriage of East and West” . He’s written over 40 books and hundreds of articles. I’m starting to make a study of his work and the similarities between his thought and Wilber’s. Ken mentions in Integral Spirituality Page 199 that “the work of Raiomon Panikkar is provocative in many profound ways” I’ll be focusing on his book Christophany which came out in 2004. He said it
sums up 50 years of work Ken sent Rollie Stanich over to dialogue with Panikkar soon after both books came out. My talk will be very much a work in progress with lots of quotes from Panikkar’s book which resonate with Wilber’s philosophy. Hopefully it will be of some interest.

Tim will be performing a Eucharist afterwards in the chapel, around 6pm. Come along for both events if you can!

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