All Saints Day

Tonight is Halloween, or to expand the name a little, All Hallows E’en (or Eve).

Tomorrow is the first of the days of the dead, All Hallows or All Saints, in which we remember the forebears of the tradition – all the members of the Communion of Saints. Those enlightened spiritual presences who continue in the eternal realm to provide guidance and assistance to those on the path.

On Monday, All Souls Day, we remember the spirits of our own ancestors and give thanks for them and to them for the choices they made that have enabled our own lives.

Tomorrow at St Uriel’s we’ll say a prayer to commemorate both All Saints and All Souls. If you can’t make it along, please consider remembering those dear to you – both spiritual guides whose books or teaching you’ve appreciated over your life and ancestors whose choices have had a big influence on your life. Bring them to mind, thank them for their help and offer a prayer for their continuing rest.

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Grant them eternal rest, O Lord,and may light eternal shine upon them.

Readings for All Saints
Readings for All Souls

Service – 6pm
The service this Sunday will be the “Johannite Gnostic Divine Liturgy”. The service alternates engagement and stillness, provoking a meditative attitude and the cultivation of deeper perceptions. The service features prayer and chant and the sharing of the Body and the Blood in the form of bread and wine.

Conversation, hot drinks and snacks follow the service. Please stay and mingle.

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The congregation at St Uriel’s meets every Sunday at 6pm at:
The Unitarian Centre
15 Francis St
Darlinghurst, NSW

Rector: Father Tim Mansfield
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