RIP: Robert Anton Wilson 1932-2007

After a long illness, Robert Anton Wilson, died on January 11.

Various people, [R. U. Sirius](, [Fr. Jordan+](, [Bro. Jeremy](, [Bill Harryman]( (from whom I got the news), [lvx23]( and I’m certain [many others]( offer tributes both short and long.

I read “The Illuminatus! Trilogy” when I was 18… Bob is almost single-handedly responsible for the odd shapes that remain embedded in the interior of my cranium to this day. Thanks to Bob, I’d read [Leary]( talking about LSD as a sacrament *before* I got drunk for the first time. He led me to [Korzybski]( and to [Crowley](, Bob was my first spiritual teacher.

He was an original. The world is a slightly smaller and much sadder place without him.

We’ll miss you, mate.

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