Getting Away With It

Years ago, I listened to a radio interview with some of the guys who created the professional surfing circuit. One interview in particular stuck with me. I have no idea what the guy’s name was, but he said something along the lines of:

>The thing is, we all understood that we’d managed something pretty remarkable getting people to pay us to do what we loved doing. We all knew that in some sense we were getting away with it. I think sometimes that today’s pros take themselves a bit too seriously.

It’s stuck with me, because whenever I meet an artist or a musician or a programmer who loves what they do but carries around this sense of gravitas… that what they do is Important… I can’t help thinking that they need to remember, that anyone who has the immense privilege of making a living doing what they love needs to remember…

You’re getting away with it.

Which is fabulous and more power to you. But instead of writing books and web pages chiding other people about the need to “Get Real” or looking down your nose at people who have gotten themselves stuck doing something less rewarding, try having some humility and compassion, count your blessings and share the love rather than your judgements.

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