blogging = performance art

In this comment from GenSit by Matthew Dallman, the arch-patriarch of integral music, appeals to a theatrical/performance art metaphor for blogging. My jaw dropped. It’s one of those beautiful insights that is unthinkable before you hear it and so obvious afterwards that you’re embarrassed to say it because everyone else must have already worked it out…

by: Matthew Dallman:

“I blog because the blog can be a medium of art, with roots in theatre and the more contemporary performance art, with the bells and whistles provided by the world wide web, html, and audio/video technology available to the masses in ways cheaper than ever before; because the blog is primarily a visual medium that transcends and includes the sequential explication of the phonetic alphabet, and its attendent worldview based upon linear order, and provides an artistic porthole into the total experience suggested by the immediacy of electricity that is supported by collaboration, wisdom, a seasoned point of view, restraint, artful amplification of perspectives, and context-based narrative; because, most of all, the blog supports the emergence of informed intuition in both individuals and communities, intuition which if recognized and nurtured, can suggest a stable worldview yet to emerge consciously in any large manner save for the mysterious and semi-conscious glimpses touched on by the most curious and talented of our blog-artists.”

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