The Pattern is The Prison

A standing wave of norms, echoing back and forth in an almost endless chamber of nearly empty heads… dreaming asleep… holographic hall of mirrors

The Media Equation… you can’t tell the different between your mum yelling at you and your housemate or the station master, the same tone of voice, the same voice – pattern entrainment – all time co-present – memory is a present-time experience.

Context – the layered, interlocking, self-reinforcing patterns that lay out the framing for the interpretation of everything that happens.

Boredom – the emotional signal that life is over-conditioned. What could you actually do every moment? What actions are open to you? And yet you do… statistically… almost nothing. Ever.

Repeating, over and over, and requiring others to repeat. The captives become the guards, making robots of each other, forced to mirror and reflect and create the holographic mirror, creating the pattern that is the prison.

The eyes of Melek Ta’us see it all. The Witness who sees the truth. You put it down like you put down a heavy suitcase.

Just stop.

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